305 to My City (AKA I’M MOVING!!)

305 to My City (AKA I’M MOVING!!)

+ A painting of mine of Providence from 2012 +

I’ve been pretty under wraps about this for like 8 months now, but I’m moving! I’m heading back to Rhode Island at the end of this month and I couldn’t be more excited. It may not seem like a huge deal since I’ve been moving there and back every year for the past 4 years, but this time, I’m packing up my life into my car and heading up there…

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American Qi

Ben_Me_Scarf copy copy
Since graduating, something I’ve had a lot more time to think about is the relationship between pursuing art, but also pursuing style. I mean, I’m obviously someone who considers the relationship between the two on a daily basis and probably more than most, but since entering the real world I’ve just been feeling kind of lost in those regards.

My friend Danica put me on to her sister, Ariel’s,…

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#MBFWSwim Day 5 Outfit

Last #MBFWSwim outfit post! Check out # 5!

Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-UNIF-Love-No-One-Jersey-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-Boots-American-Apparel-Leopard-Printed-Cap-Topshop-Ring-Primark-Hoop-Earrings-2Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-UNIF-Love-No-One-Jersey-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-Boots-American-Apparel-Leopard-Printed-Cap-Topshop-Ring-Primark-Hoop-Earrings-3+ UNIF Love No One Jersey + Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Boots + American Apparel Leopard Printed Cap + Topshop & Primark Jewelry +

Ahhh! Probably my favorite Swim Week Outfit. I bought this jersey ages ago with plans to wear it for a Valentines post but it was far too cold and blog posts were on a minimal. I always knew I wanted to wear it with this hat, but the braids were due to a hair-straightening…

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#MBFWSwim Outfit 3

Radical-Darling-Zara-Frilly-Skirt-American-Apparel-Jungle-Leaves-Print-Cotton-Spandex-Crop-Top-Miista-Ava-Clear-Black-Nasty-Gal-Dionne-Backpack-2Radical-Darling-Zara-Frilly-Skirt-American-Apparel-Jungle-Leaves-Print-Cotton-Spandex-Crop-Top-Miista-Ava-Clear-Black-Nasty-Gal-Dionne-Backpack-3Radical-Darling-Zara-Frilly-Skirt-American-Apparel-Jungle-Leaves-Print-Cotton-Spandex-Crop-Top-Miista-Ava-Clear-Black-Nasty-Gal-Dionne-Backpack-4Radical-Darling-Zara-Frilly-Skirt-American-Apparel-Jungle-Leaves-Print-Cotton-Spandex-Crop-Top-Miista-Ava-Clear-Black-Nasty-Gal-Dionne-Backpack-5Radical-Darling-Zara-Frilly-Skirt-American-Apparel-Jungle-Leaves-Print-Cotton-Spandex-Crop-Top-Miista-Ava-Clear-Black-Nasty-Gal-Dionne-Backpack-6+ American Apparel Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Crop Top in Jungle Leaves + Zara Frilly Skirt in white + Miista Ava Sandals + Nasty Gal Dionne Backpack +

Something important in my style is the accept practicality in matching the outfit to the situation and this one was definitely one of those in so many different ways. I think my important swim week rule was to wear as little clothing as…

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#MBFWSwim Day 2 Outfit

#MBFWSwim Day 2 Outfit now up on the blog!

Radical-Darling-MBFWSwim-Nasty-Gal-Wicked-Nights-Bustier-Zara-Trousers-with-a-buckle-belt-Dolce Vita-Rosetta-Pumps-2Radical-Darling-MBFWSwim-Nasty-Gal-Wicked-Nights-Bustier-Zara-Trousers-with-a-buckle-belt-Dolce Vita-Rosetta-Pumps-3Radical-Darling-MBFWSwim-Nasty-Gal-Wicked-Nights-Bustier-Zara-Trousers-with-a-buckle-belt-Dolce Vita-Rosetta-Pumps-4Radical-Darling-MBFWSwim-Nasty-Gal-Wicked-Nights-Bustier-Zara-Trousers-with-a-buckle-belt-Dolce Vita-Rosetta-Pumps-5 + Nasty Gal Wicked Nights Bustier + Zara Trousers with a Buckle Belt + Dolce Vita Rosetta Pumps +

Here is what I wore on my second day out for MBFW Swim! I picked these pants up from Zara’s sale because really, I need lots of work clothes that are also my style and I couldn’t think of a better fit. I love the silver details as most my clothes with hardware have gold details. I also paired it…

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#MBFWSwim Day 1 Outfit

New Post!! #MBFWSwim Day 1 Outfit

Radical-Darling-Zara-Top-With-Crossover-Back-Cheap-Monday-Second-Skin-Jeans-Very-Stretchy-Black-Nasty-Gal-Shoe-Cult-Collection-Prestige-Leather-Pumps-Nasty-Gal-Like-Sugar-Jelly-Bag-2Radical-Darling-Zara-Top-With-Crossover-Back-Cheap-Monday-Second-Skin-Jeans-Very-Stretchy-Black-Nasty-Gal-Shoe-Cult-Collection-Prestige-Leather-Pumps-Nasty-Gal-Like-Sugar-Jelly-Bag-7Radical-Darling-Zara-Top-With-Crossover-Back-Cheap-Monday-Second-Skin-Jeans-Very-Stretchy-Black-Nasty-Gal-Shoe-Cult-Collection-Prestige-Leather-Pumps-Nasty-Gal-Like-Sugar-Jelly-Bag-6Radical-Darling-Zara-Top-With-Crossover-Back-Cheap-Monday-Second-Skin-Jeans-Very-Stretchy-Black-Nasty-Gal-Shoe-Cult-Collection-Prestige-Leather-Pumps-Nasty-Gal-Like-Sugar-Jelly-Bag-5Radical-Darling-Zara-Top-With-Crossover-Back-Cheap-Monday-Second-Skin-Jeans-Very-Stretchy-Black-Nasty-Gal-Shoe-Cult-Collection-Prestige-Leather-Pumps-Nasty-Gal-Like-Sugar-Jelly-Bag-4Radical-Darling-Zara-Top-With-Crossover-Back-Cheap-Monday-Second-Skin-Jeans-Very-Stretchy-Black-Nasty-Gal-Shoe-Cult-Collection-Prestige-Leather-Pumps-Nasty-Gal-Like-Sugar-Jelly-Bag-3+ Zara Top With Crossover Back + Cheap Monday Second Skin Jeans in Very Stretchy Black + Shoe Cult Collection Prestige Leather Pumps in Red + Nasty Gal Like Sugar Jelly Bag +

What a crazy week this has been. I don’t even know where to begin. I guess what I’m doing here is starting with an outfit post, just so I can get an extra day or two to organize all these posts coming up.

Here is what I wore…

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Jeff Koons for H&M

New outfit post & collab with H&M: Jeff Koons for H&M.

Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-American-Apparel-Tri-Blend-Racerback-Tank-H-and-M-Ruffle-Skirt-H-and-M-Jeff-Koons-For-H-M-leather-bag-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-BEauty-For-Real-True-Color-Lip-Cream-Flash-2Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-American-Apparel-Tri-Blend-Racerback-Tank-H-and-M-Ruffle-Skirt-H-and-M-Jeff-Koons-For-H-M-leather-bag-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-BEauty-For-Real-True-Color-Lip-Cream-Flash-3Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-American-Apparel-Tri-Blend-Racerback-Tank-H-and-M-Ruffle-Skirt-H-and-M-Jeff-Koons-For-H-M-leather-bag-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-BEauty-For-Real-True-Color-Lip-Cream-Flash-4Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-American-Apparel-Tri-Blend-Racerback-Tank-H-and-M-Ruffle-Skirt-H-and-M-Jeff-Koons-For-H-M-leather-bag-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-BEauty-For-Real-True-Color-Lip-Cream-Flash-5Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-American-Apparel-Tri-Blend-Racerback-Tank-H-and-M-Ruffle-Skirt-H-and-M-Jeff-Koons-For-H-M-leather-bag-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-BEauty-For-Real-True-Color-Lip-Cream-Flash-6+ Jeff Koons for H&M Balloon Dog Bag (c/o) + American Apparel Tri-Blend Racerback Tank (c/o) + H&M Ruffle Skirt (c/o) + Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Boots + Beauty For Real True Color Lip Cream in Flash (c/o) +

If you haven’t heard yet, H&M is doing a collaboration with artist Jeff Koons! They’ve turned their new 5th Avenue store into a museum to to correspond with the H&M-sponsored Jeff Koons: A…

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Kalla Luxury Floral Boutique Event

Kalla Luxury Floral Boutique Event

Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-Kalla-Luxury-Flower-Boutique-2Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-Kalla-Luxury-Flower-Boutique-3Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-Kalla-Luxury-Flower-Boutique-4Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-Kalla-Luxury-Flower-Boutique-5Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-Kalla-Luxury-Flower-Boutique-6+ Kalla Luxury Floral Boutique ‘Georgia & Alfred‘ Bouquet +

Ahh! This post is long overdue. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Kalla’s fashion blogger event at the Riviera Hotel on South Beach with Niani. I checked out their website and was pleasantly surprised by how gorgeous the flowers were. And they’re even more charming in person!! I ended up getting to choose any bouquet…

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